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naimonowanai yo;

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a leopard bathrobe and nothing else;

Welcome to naimonowanai! A little history on what happened on the community before it went into a claiming one: this is supposed to be someone's fanfiction dump but since it got a massive problem, all entries are deleted and the claiming community is born.

As said, this is a claiming community. It only focuses on the huge fandom of the legend Johnny's Entertainment who are training great idols. From SMAP and TOKIO to Kisumai and B.I. Shadow, there are oh so many idols to claim but please read the rules first.

Rules to live by or else you're going to be hooked away by Ohno and Shige's fishing rods:

01; First come, first served policy. This also means that you can just have one claim per person.
02; No bashing and trolling. Instead of hating the person that they got the idol you want, why not congratulate them?
03; No girl side allowed. Meaning: if somebody got Tegoshi, no one should claim Tegoshe or Yuuko. Same rule applies at other idols.

These are just three rules so I hope everybody can follow it. No one wants to get hook at a fishing rod, right?

How to post to claim. If you're wrong about this, Tegoshi will hunt you down.

You should title your entry with one of the songs sang by your chosen idol. Just like this. If they don't have any solo, you can have one on their group. Don't worry about the tags because I'll be the one responsible for them. Happy claiming, everyone!

Post this at your profile or anywhere with:

the girl who started it all; layout and profile credits; link 3